Air Race 1 - Formula One Pylon Racing

China Cup - Nov 16-18, 2018

Doug Keck was thankful for the opportunity to be the "Tech Inspector" at the Formula One Air Race in Wuhan City, China, presented by Air Race 1! The weather finally allowed us to complete all of the races on Sunday, Nov. 18.  Congratulations to Steve Senegal in #11 Arnold, "Endeavor", and Steve Tumlin in #52 Cassutt, "Fiesty" for winning the Gold and Silver cup races!

U-Tapao, Thailand: 17-19 November 2017

Congratulations to Tim Cone in the Cassutt in the *99 "What Airplane, Honey?" for the 1st place Gold Finish! Swaid Rahn in the #8 Cassutt "Heat Stroke" for the 1st place Silver Finish! 

Reno Air Races 2015

Congratulations to Thom Richards in the #12 Cassutt, "Outrageous", for bringing home the Gold Finish! Doug was honored to pose with Bigatmo Sunglasses with the #33 "Second Wind" Cassutt.

Llieda, Spain 2015

Tunisia, Africa 2015